STL Bug Fixes

I'm happy to announce that in the previous version of STL (version 4.11), we added a bug tracking report generator. Anytime the app crashed on you, an email report was sent to us.

This has helped us out in a big way, as we were now able to find loads of bugs that we didn't know about. These could be related to contacts formatted in foreign languages and formats that we weren't familiar with, to location sensing problems in different countries that we obviously weren't able to test before.

Habit Tracker Game

I'm happy to announce our newest app, the Habit Tracker Game. The idea is to let you take positive habits that you want to do on a daily or weekly basis and convert them into a game that awards or deducts points based on how often you complete the actions. The habits are divided into three categories:

- Health
- Fitness
- Relationships

A graph will then show how you're doing in these areas. Try it out now!

8 Ways We Can Help You Build Your Relationships

Our STL Contacts Manager app was designed to help you build relationships with potential clients. Here are 8 tools to help you do that:

1. Extensive note taking abilities: You can add notes to every call, text message, email or meeting with a contact through the app. Use these to summarize what was discussed, so you can build on these at future opportunities. Notes are searchable, so you can look up contacts by details left in your notes.

2. Picture / Recordings: If you don't have time to type notes, add pictures or audio recording to summarize your communications.

STL Graphic Redesign

Over the last couple of days, I've received mixed feedback from many users on the new app redesign, so I thought I would explain the reasoning behind this new design:

1. New tab colors: One of the most requested features was for additional tab colors - the new version increases the tab color options from 7 to 12.

STL 4.0 Submitted

Phew! It's taken time, but I've finally submitted version 4.0 of our app. Why so long? Because we have changed the graphics and artwork on EVERY screen in the app (who knew there were so many!). Over the next week, once we get closer to approval, I'll be replacing all the screenshots here with the new versions.

I'm very happy with the look of this version (which I couldn't completely, honestly say about any of the previous versions). In my (admittedly biased) view, this will now be the nicest looking Contacts app on the app store!

Place Tracker

I'm proud to announce the release of a new app from our Tracker family, titled Place Tracker.

Use this app to track visits to your favorite locations. Each time you visit a new place you would like to track, the address can be grabbed from your current GPS location, and added to your track list. The app automatically runs in the background and uses GPS to monitor when you check in and out of your own added locations. View your location data and add notes to any visits. Reports can then be generated and emailed to you with summary information.

STL Contacts 3.3

The graphic redesign of the app is taking longer than we expected (but the wait will be worth it). So I've decided to release a couple of smaller updates in the meantime. The first one, now available, improves and expands upon the Facebook add-on. Loading of status updates is a lot quicker than before, and you can now reply and like status updates right from within this page.

Our next update will feature a few bug fixes that users have submitted. If you notice any crashes that happen each time you perform any actions, please let me know using the Contact Us form on this site.

Progress Update

There's been a break since our last update of the app (3.19) since the next version (4.0) is a major update. We are planning to revamp the graphic design of the app, as well as the layout of the profile page to make the app easier and more comfortable to use. There will also be some additions to the Facebook add-on, such as the ability to reply to statuses from inside the app. More information will be provided here as it's available. Please continue sending us any feedback you have about the app, as well as any new features you would like to see in future versions.

STL Contact Reports

The big feature in version 3.1 of this app is the Reports function, found in the Settings / General menu. This feature lets you choose a date range and an email address, and then emails you all the history you have had with your contacts in that time period, including all:

- Phone calls with duration
- SMS text message time stamps
- Email time stamps
- Locations visited (requires Location add-on)
- Notes added to any of the above events

This data is sorted by contact name. Future versions of this app will also let you sort all the data chronologically.

STL Contacts 3.1

Version 3.1 of the full version was released today. Normally the free version is released at the same time, but we had to delay the free one by about a week to fix some additional bugs.

Till now, the free version was limited by tutorial popups in every screen that couldn't be turned off. The new free version is ad supported, which should hopefully make it much more usable than the previous version.

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