• Gym TrackerTrack your workout progress

    Gym Tracker lets you track your workout sessions. Create a routine for yourself by choosing from our list of 100 exercises. Or create your own custom exercise. Not only can you keep track of your sets, weights and repetitions, Gym Tracker also lets you manage exercises based on time and distances.

    Features include:

    - Listen to your own music while you workout
    - Easy to use interface - start entering results within seconds
    - 100 exercises to choose from in 7 categories
    - 4 types of exercises including cardio
    - Automatically tracks date and time of workouts
    - Supports metric or imperial units
    - Create custom routines for your workouts
    - Use built in timer to time yourself
    - Highly configurable - change default settings for individual exercises
    - Set goals for individual exercises
    - Enter results without using keypad
    - View graphs of latest results
    - Email data to yourself
    - Rest timers between sets.

    Please post any comments or suggestions here.

  • Gym TrackerTrack your workout progress

    Choose an exercise from one of the 7 categories available:

    - Abdominals
    - Arms
    - Back
    - Cardio
    - Chest
    - Legs
    - Shoulders

    You may also choose to create a routine featuring your favorite exercises. Multiple routines can be created for multiple days or multiple users.

  • Gym TrackerTrack your workout progress

    There are 4 types of exercises featured in this program:

    - Weight
    - Repetitions
    - Time
    - Distance

    Depending on the type of exercise you are performing, different information can be entered for each set:

    - Weight: Enter repetitions and weight load
    - Repetitions: Enter repetitions performed
    - Time: Enter time (hours, minutes and seconds). Note, you can either enter a time and move on, or user the built in timer to countdown the specified time.
    - Distance: Enter a distance

    You can keep entering new information for each set. You can also choose to use a countdown timer to measure your rest periods between sets. When you have finished the exercise, tap “Exercise complete” to register your results. You can also attach a note to each set by tapping on the Note icon on the top right of each screen.

  • Gym TrackerTrack your workout progress

    View a summary of data for each exercise that you have performed. You can also view any notes that were attached to individual sets. This data can be then be emailed to you using the Export feature.

  • Gym TrackerTrack your workout progress

    View a graph of recent results for a particular exercise.

  • Gym TrackerTrack your workout progress

    The settings page allows you to:

    - Set an email address for exporting data
    - Turn on a rest timer between all sets.
    - Change between metric and imperial units
    - Reset all exercises to factory settings

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